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You control your vehicle through your steering wheel, and when you turn it, you expect your car or truck to respond accordingly. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. If the vehicle turns less than the amount you are turning the wheel, it’s called understeering. If it turns more, it’s called oversteering. The friendly experts at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc. in Carrollton, GA want you to know what might be causing these issues.
Understeering occurs in vehicles with front-wheel drive and usually happens when the driver is going too fast for conditions, which causes the front tires to lose their grip on the road.
Oversteering is something that happens in vehicles that have rear-wheel drive, and it also is related to speed. Oversteering occurs when you take a turn or corner too fast, which can cause the rear wheels to essentially turn faster than the front wheels. That can lead you to lose control of the vehicle.

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