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Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are among some of the most impressive accessories on the market. These products are designed to block the glare of bright lights by temporarily darkening the reflections they convey. At Mike Bell Chevrolet, we’re excited to share information on the fascinating way in which these devices work.
What Auto-Dimming Mirrors Are
Auto-dimming mirrors are sometimes referred to as electrochromic mirrors. That’s because they have a special electrochromic gel contained between small two panes of reflective glass. An internal microprocessor works along with two sensors to detect the appearance of excessively bright lights in the rearview mirror. Whenever bright lights are detected, an electrical charge is immediately delivered to the enclosed gel.
Electrochromic Mirrors in Action
Electrochromic gel responds to an electric charge by darkening. This in turn dims the reflection of bright headlamps in the rearview mirror, thereby making it easier for drivers to see. To know more about auto-dimming mirrors or to check out our extensive range of top-quality automotive accessories, come to Mike Bell Chevrolet now.

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