Quick Tips for Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Camper Towing

September 23rd, 2021 by

Towing your camper is a great way to enjoy the comforts of home without having to tons of money on pricey hotels. However, for truck and SUV owners in Carrollton, GA, these efforts require diligent preparation. When you visit us at Mike Bell Chevrolet, you can access a variety of services and products for making these trips both safer and easier.
Start With Full-On Vehicle Maintenance That Includes Your Tires
If you drive your truck or SUV every day, don’t assume that it’s primed and ready to bear the stress of additional weight. Have your tires checked, pressurized, or even changed out if needed. You should additionally have a complete tune-up performed. With all systems in excellent condition, you can rest assured that adding extra weight won’t cause serious problems.
Know How to Correctly Hitch Your Camper
If you’ve never towed a camper before, get help in making sure that your hitch assembly is correct. You’ll need the right hitch and proper hitch installation, as well as the right electrical cables for tapping into your vehicle’s trailer monitoring system. Don’t be afraid to reach out to seasoned professionals if you’ve got questions.

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