February 26th, 2020 by

A windshield that is chipped could be a safety hazard for yourself and anyone else in your vehicle. The folks at Mike Bell Chevrolet want to provide some advice as to how to handle a windshield that has a chip in it. Ideally, you will have it inspected and repaired as quickly as possible.
This may prevent a chip from growing and causing the glass to become weaker. If the glass becomes too weak, it can shatter unexpectedly while driving in Carrollton, GA. Chips or cracks can also make it harder to see what is going on around you while on a road or highway.
Finally, taking care of a windshield in a timely manner may make it possible to repair the chip as opposed to replacing the entire piece of glass. This can save time and money that can be spent with your family or otherwise living your life.

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