MIKE BELL CHEVROLET Employee Spotlight

Meet Ashley

Ashley, a dedicated and driven individual, has been an invaluable member of the Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc. team for over a year and a half. Starting as a car porter, she quickly proved herself through her hard work and commitment, earning promotions to lube tech and eventually a tech apprentice.

Her thirst for knowledge and determination to excel in the automotive industry have been evident throughout her journey. Ashley owes her initial opportunity at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc. to her mentor, Mr. Long. Recognizing her potential, he guided her towards a career at our dealership, which has proven to be a perfect fit.

Ashley speaks highly of the learning environment and the exceptional leadership of the Service Manager, Rick Gonzalez. During her time as a porter, Ashley had the chance to create some unforgettable memories. One standout moment was the exhilarating experience of driving a brand-new C8 Corvette for the first time. As a porter, she took great pleasure in handling the intake of the dealership’s impressive inventory, including the latest Camaros, Corvettes, and even a Supra that arrived on a trade. Ashley’s enthusiasm for these high-performance vehicles has been a driving force behind her career growth.

As Ashley progressed in her career, she encountered challenges along the way. However, with the guidance and support of Charles Costello, another experienced technician at the dealership, she found the confidence to overcome any obstacles. Charles has been a mentor and an instrumental figure in Ashley’s professional development, continuously pushing her to become the best technician she can be.

Outside of her work at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc., Ashley cherishes her time spent with family and friends, as well as indulging in her love for anime alongside her boyfriend.

Reflecting on her journey, Ashley offers some valuable advice: “Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even the most experienced technicians need help sometimes.” She also emphasizes the importance of hard work and continuous improvement, as she believes that everyone can grow and excel over time.

The entire team at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc. is immensely grateful for Ashley’s dedication, drive, and passion. Her exceptional work ethic serves as an inspiration to all of us. We eagerly look forward to witnessing Ashley’s continued growth and success in her career at our dealership.

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks, Ashley!


Meet Becky

We are thrilled to feature Becky in our Employee Spotlight this month! With Becky’s dedication and commitment, she has become an integral part of our team at Mike Bell Chevrolet. Let’s take a closer look at her journey and experience with us. Becky joined Mike Bell Chevrolet four years ago as an Internet Sales Representative. Over the years, she has transitioned to a Sales Representative on the floor, where she has excelled for the past three years. Her journey from the internet department to the sales floor has been filled with valuable experiences and personal growth.
What initially attracted Becky to work at Mike Bell Chevrolet was her deep-rooted connection to the dealership. As a hometown dealer, she had a long-standing relationship with our brand, and her husband had always trusted us with his truck servicing. When the opportunity arose, Becky didn’t hesitate to seize it and has since been an invaluable asset to our team. Throughout her time at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Becky has had numerous memorable experiences and achievements. One notable achievement is receiving the GM Mark of Excellence award in 2022, a testament to her exceptional dedication and performance.
Becky’s role has evolved significantly over the years, starting from an Internet Sales Rep to becoming a skilled Sales Representative. She has overcome various challenges along the way, including navigating the intricacies of the sales process and persevering through personal hardships, such as a difficult pregnancy. Despite these challenges, Becky has remained resilient and dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.
What Becky enjoys most about working at Mike Bell Chevrolet is the welcoming atmosphere and the camaraderie among her colleagues. The dealership has become a second home, where she not only builds strong relationships with her coworkers but also with her customers. Becky finds motivation and encouragement from her customers, who appreciate her knowledge, kindness, and outgoing nature. Interacting with customers has had a lasting impact on Becky. She has received heartfelt compliments, such as being thanked for having a beautiful soul. These interactions remind her of the positive influence she can have on others and continually inspire her to be the best version of herself.
For those starting their career at Mike Bell Chevrolet or in the automotive industry, Becky offers valuable advice. She emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, staying updated on the latest vehicle models and technological advancements. By being knowledgeable and building trust with customers, success in the industry can be achieved.
Outside of work, Becky cherishes her time with her family. She has been happily married for four years and is a proud parent to a beautiful son. Becky prioritizes raising her son, introducing him to new experiences, and enjoying quality time together. She also has a passion for outdoor activities like riding four-wheelers/SXS and enjoys date nights at restaurants and bowling.  Becky has had an incredible journey and experience at Mike Bell Chevrolet. She expresses her gratitude for the opportunities and support she has received, which have allowed her to achieve significant milestones in her personal and professional life. Becky’s passion for selling cars shines through her work, and she continuously strives to show her customers how much they mean to her. When asked about her favorite car, Becky finds it challenging to pick just one. She is drawn to the new Tahoes and the upcoming 2024 Traverse. Additionally, When not at work Becky enjoys Chick-Fil-A and Dunkin’ as her usual go-to spots for a quick bite.
We are proud to have Becky as part of our team at Mike Bell Chevrolet. Her dedication, resilience, and exceptional customer service make her an invaluable asset to our dealership. Congratulations, Becky, on being featured in our Employee Spotlight!

A Thrilling Career Awaits in Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc.

If you’re considering an exciting career like Ashley’s, we invite you to check out our latest job opportunities in the Carrollton area and apply online. As always, we’re here to answer your questions and provide more information about job openings, car sales, financing, and more. Embrace the future–and all its possibilities–with a new career at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc.!

When you purchase or service your vehicle at Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc. near Bremen, you can expect a customer-focused experience that prioritizes convenience, comfort, and accessibility at every step. Our caring, committed staff is ready to introduce you to your new Villa Rica or Temple ride, offer financing options, and ensure you have easy access to service and parts as long as you own your Chevrolet. One of those staff members is Ashley, a true rockstar in the customer service field. Below, learn about her many accomplishments and the ways she enhances the Mike Bell Chevrolet, Inc. experience for every customer.